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Cumbus Tambor - 6-String with Soft Case - 51-Inch

Cumbus Tambor - 6-String with Soft Case - 51-Inch
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Cumbus Tambor - 6-String with Soft Case - 51-Inch

51" in length. It has nylon frets tied to the neck and 3 courses of 2 strings each. Tuned D A d. The Cumbus is a relatively young instrument. It was developed in Istanbul in the early 1900's. The inventor, Zeynel became known as Zeynel Abidin Bey. The famous Ataturk Mustafa Kemal, Turkey's first president, dubbed it Cumbus, pronounced joom-bush. Cumbus is Turkish for revelry, just the mood this instrument inspires. Our Cumbus are imported from the Family shop of Zeynel Abidin on Ataturk Bulvar in Istanbul. The long neck gives you a greater octave range than a smaller necked instruments. Tuning is D A d

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