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Premium Edition French

Premium Edition French
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Premium Edition French

The complete language learning system for French

Product Information

This seven CD-ROM set takes the user from beginner to advanced French by way of state of the art multimedia features combined with revolutionary speech recognition technology. The unique Intelliplan allows user to design their own personal study plans! A personal video tutor takes the user on an exciting interactive language trip through France meeting real people in everyday situations! Enclosed headset allows for direct communication with Jacqueline, the personal tutor, so the user can practice conversation skills with interactive dialog. 5000 exercises, 300 hours of practice time and the exclusive voice enabled Drag & Drop give the total immersion into French language and culture. Learning French has never been more fun!
Unique Advantages

Video Tutor
Jacqueline is your personal tutor, who leads you through the program, provides useful hints and is ready to help you at all times.

Voice Pilot
Talk to Jacqueline in French! Thanks to the IntelliSpeech technology they understand your voice commands.

The speech recognition technology developed specifically for language learning.

Smart Pitch Control
Regulate how fast people speak in dialogs to understand them better.

Total Immersion
Learn French with over 5,000 exercises and 300 hours of practice time.

Interactive Communication
Improve your pronunciation, play a role and practice your conversation skills using the interactive dialogs.

Audio Dictionary
Over 10,000 entries. Click on any word on the screen to see an immediate translation and hear the word spoken.

Rich in content
Learn to speak a language, learn about European culture and get to know the French people.


The flexibility of IntelliPlan enables you to create a tailor-made course of study.

Test Your Level
Evaluation tests, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises will help you keep track of your learning process.

EPS Error Processing System
An exclusive function which detects mistakes and guides the user to the correct solution.

Added Bonus

Order the European Language French Premium Edition today and you'll get the Deluxe IntelliSpeech Technology Microphone Headset. The headset allows for direct communication with tutors in the target language. And it's yours absolutely FREE!

Product Features
  • Four major European languages
  • Video tutors guide the user on an interactive language tour through Europe
  • Multi-level learning takes the user from beginner through advanced courses
  • 5000 exercises and 300 hours of practice time allow for everything from introduction to total immersion
  • Interactive dialogs help users improve pronunciation, play a role and practice conversation skills
  • Real-life people in real-life situations make learning fun and exciting
  • State of the art features
  • Rich content
  • Customized study plans
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • Pentium processor
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • Sound Card
  • CD-ROM Drive
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